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Passed ISO9001: 2008 annual review
Recently, Shanghai Ingle certification rigorous annual audit of our quality system implementation, given the height of the various tasks evaluation, and passed the annual examination. Our company pays a lot of attention to the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. After a year of continuously implementation of changing and improving, we have been consistently penetrate into the production and operation management of the entire process, and played an important role in the healthy growth of the company.
our company is China's first company specializing in the production of solar rack, solar tracking rack. Our company is a rack expertized enterprise, independent design and development of solar energy rack products are suitable for the installation of any solar cell modules,which provide customers around the world  from the roof to the ground, from a fixed to a track,  from the personal solutions to large power plants and other kinds of support.
After acquiring the certificate, we have made a significant improvement in company management, product quality and yield which lays a solid foundation for company's long-term goal.

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