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Frontier, starting at 2005, is the first solar racking system developer in China, who committed to solar racking system R&D,producting and marketing for about 10 years. We were the OEM for Sunpower, and are one of the largest rooftop solar racking system supplier in Australia now. Frontier persists in taking the path of specialization, scale and internationalization development. We import the international advanced technology equipment for manufacturing , assembling and testing. Frontier solar racking system is with own patents. The dynamic wind resistance reliability of our racking system can up to 270km/h. Therefore, superior product quality with more than25years' durability and perfect after-sale service have earned us a high reputation in PV industry worldwide.


2005 Frontier was founded.
2006 As the OEM for Sunpower, we became the first manufacturing company specializes in solar mounting frames in China.
2007 Establish our own brand and with own patents on solar mounting rack and solar tracking system.
2008 Frontier became one of famous brand in solar mounting rack and solar tracking system.
2009 Developed Dual Axis Tracker, and become the first company who owns independent intellectual property of full range of solar mounting rack and solar tracking system in China.
2010 Frontier starts system integrating with the ability of system engineering and installation.
2010 Finished 1.2MW project in Queensland University, which is the biggest roof project in Australia.  
2011 Developed solar carport and bus shelter. Completed 2.5 MW and 0.5 MW Golden Sun project in Jiangsu province and Fujian  province.
2012 Developed Japan market. Completed 1MW ground project in Aomori, Japan.
2013 Completed 2MW power plant in Anhui province. 30KWh Micro Grid system was finished in Shenzhen City.
2014 Applied fully integrated inverter-module in PV system.
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